Facilities Management


Maintaining buildings and equipment in keeping businesses operational requires a continuous power supply. We will design and engineer the best standby power solution for your business, small or large. To stay competitive, you need to remain operational. Can you afford a power outage?


Restore power in seconds with a Cat standby generator. Standardised genset packages can save you money. Modular designs allow you to grow with your power needs. Genset packages with a smaller footprint give you greater options. Provide permanent protection to your business and keep operational: computers, lights, air conditioners and servers stay on.


Temperature control units keep your staff able to work through extremes in weather conditions.

Be prepared for the next power outage:
• Ensure continuous power during power outages
• Reduce your energy bills
• Reduce peak demand and energy costs on demand tariffs
• Insulate your business from the reducing value of feed in tariffs
• Ensure a more reliable power supply
• Achieve greater grid stability with the ability to ramp up supply at short notice
• Decrease your peak demand charge

EPSA can install on roof tops, buildings, car parks, basements, anywhere you need commercial power – Contact us today to find the best solution for your business.

Standby Power - Commercial

Standby Power - Commercial

100 Arthur Street, North Sydney, is ‘Innovation Place’ and when the building’s facilities manager, Savills, needed to organise standby power for a new tenant the…

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