Careers FAQ


I've submitted my application, what are the next steps?

Thank you for your interest in pursuing a career opportunity with EPSA. We will review your application and provide a response to you regarding potential opportunities within a two-week timeframe.

How long does the application-to-offer process take?

The application to offer process will include: • A preliminary discussion in relation to your application and potential opportunities with the HR group. • First round interviews with the appropriate Management and Human Resources. These are conducted face to face or using Microsoft Teams. We will send you details of your interview including the participants of your first round interview in advance. • Second round interview with either the one up manager or peer representatives. • Testing phase, refer to communication during the recruitment process for further details. We undertaken testing for selected roles to ensure that your skills and knowledge are aligned with the role. • This can take between 2 to 4 weeks, or longer depending on the availability of our testing partners.

How does EPSA communicate during the recruitment process?

EPSA will communicate with you by making personal contact with you to discuss your application and opportunities and will also provide information in relation to specific positions in writing via e-mail during the course of our interactions with you. Please be patient as we work through the application

What testing does EPSA conduct as part of the recruitment process?

EPSA incorporates various testing and due diligence phases within our recruitment process. This includes a pre-employment medical and police check as well as psychometric testing for some positions. Psychometric testing predominantly provides support with onboarding and team fit. Our testing is aligned with role requirements to support a good fit for both EPSA and the candidate as well as our potential client obligations for site-based work. Reference checks are also undertaken and are aligned with role requirements and candidate background and experience.

At which stage of the process does EPSA conduct reference checks?

Reference checks are aligned with candidate background and experience and the applicable role requirements, and are undertaken in the latter stages of the recruitment process, prior to an offer of employment being discussed with the candidate. If you haven’t already provided these, we will ask you for your Referees and recommend that you let them know you have identified them as part of our recruitment process.

What happens if I am unsuccessful in obtaining an interview?

We appreciate the time it takes to put together an application for a job with us. If you are unsuccessful in obtaining an interview, you will be notified in writing as soon as possible. Our aim is to retain applicant information to refer to, should a suitable position arise in the future. We will seek your permission to do this. We are delighted that you have shown an interest in our business and the career opportunities available and recommend you check back frequently on any other suitable roles that might attract you.

What happens if I am unsuccessful in progressing after my interview?

We appreciate the time it takes to prepare for and undertake an interview for a potential job opportunity with us. If you are unsuccessful after undertaking an interview, you will be provided with verbal feedback regarding the outcome of the interview. We would also seek to retain your application, should a suitable position arise in the future. EPSA has a number of career opportunities available from time to time and we encourage you to apply for future roles. We are excited about providing our employees with opportunities that provide for growth and development in a dynamic industry.

Who do I contact if I still have questions?

You can contact our Human Resource Business Partners if you have any queries in relation to your application or our selection process.