EPSA assumes distribution of MWM and Cat® CG gas products

As of 2013, Energy Power Systems Australia (EPSA) will assume distribution of Caterpillar® Mannheim sourced Gas Products in Australia, PNG and Solomon Islands. As part of this agreement with Caterpillar, EPSA will take on the parts and service support role for existing MWM products and Cat CG products in Australia, PNG and Solomon Islands. EPSA has proven itself to be a very capable supplier of gas generator sets, and now with the introduction of the highly successful CG series gas generators, EPSA is able to offer a complete line of gas electric power products ranging from 50 to 4,300 electrical kW to meet a wide range of customer application needs.

“For years we have strived to become Australia’s leading supplier of gas power generation products and services,” said Phil Canning, Dealer Principal, EPSA. EPSA has employed the MWM Australia service, parts and administration personnel in order to provide ongoing service and support to customers with existing MWM brand power generation equipment. Customers previously working with MWM Australia can expect to receive from EPSA the same high quality parts and outstanding services to which they have become accustomed.

“We believe in our ability to fully support existing MWM product and grow the Cat CG product sales in our region while we continue to deliver significant benefits to our customers,” said Mr Canning.

“Customers can expect full in-field support for their existing MWM engines from EPSA, and broadened support for Cat CG Advanced Gas Power Engines,” he added. With over 3,000 units and 3,700 MW’s of installed gas fuelled power generation capacity in the Asia Pacific region, Caterpillar is continuing to grow its natural gas, biogas and alternative gas fuelled electric power generation portfolio. With this change in distribution, EPSA is positioned to deliver outstanding products
and services to meet customers’ expectations for sustainable gas power generation.

“We look forward to partnering with our customers to ensure the highest levels of support are achieved,” said Phil Canning.

As it has for over two decades, EPSA will continue to provide sales and rental power services for all existing Cat brand gas, diesel, electric power systems and rental power products in its territories.

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