For Suppliers

Energy Power Systems Australia depends on its suppliers to help deliver the wide range of products and power systems that our customers need: on time and to the quality our customers and we expect.

  • Where viable EPSA sources from local businesses and seeks to support local suppliers – we recognise the need to support the communities that we share.
  • We want to work with suppliers who are expert in their chosen fields and are willing to work collaboratively with us to add value to the power systems that we deliver.
  • We expect all of our suppliers to share our vision and our values:
    • Our Vision – We Give Our Customers The Power They Need
    • Our Values (SHAPE) – Safety and Wellbeing, Honesty, Accountability, Performance and Engagement
  • We expect all of our suppliers to work openly and honestly with us.
  • To help you understand the way that we work, we have provided here some useful links to our standard documentation for supplier engagement:
    1. Supplier Handbook – this handbook is intended to provide guidance to suppliers as to EPSA’s expectations of its suppliers when doing business..
    2. Standard Conditions of Quotation– the award of any business by EPSA follows established procedures for tendering, evaluation and negotiation. The attached Standard Conditions of Quotation apply to all requests or invitations to tender or quote issued by EPSA to suppliers.
    3. Supplier Questionnaire– as part of the tendering and evaluation steps we require Suppliers to provide information about their safety, quality and overall capability.  This is done via completion of the Supplier Questionnaire pack.
    4. Standard Purchase Terms– all purchase orders for goods / services issued by EPSA after November 2015 will be issued subject to these standard purchase terms.
    5. Standard Subcontractall suppliers carrying out works for us which form part of the works that we need to deliver to our Customer will be asked to enter into a separate subcontract agreement which will be based on these standard subcontract terms.