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Tried, tested and proven in applications such as data centres, hospitals and manufacturing that cannot afford to be without power even for a split second, Caterpillar® UPS systems can be relied upon to ensure continuous power is maintained whilst your standby generator comes on line.

Caterpillar offers flywheel energy UPS systems from 120 - 1000 kVA - easy to install and user-friendly with the flexibility of a field upgrade for continuity of service. Products can be paralleled for higher capacity or redundancy.

Energy Power Systems can also offer a Continuous Power Module (CPM), a fully integrated system including generator, UPS and Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS), from a single source supply. Our full service includes feasibility studies, detailed design, project management, installation, commissioning, ongoing operation plus maintenance and finance capabilities from our Caterpillar partners.

Energy Power Electric Power UPS

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Energy Power Electric Power UPS

Continuous Power Module

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Flywheel UPS


The Cat Flywheel UPS provides our highest efficiency continuous power solution. This technology uses a power dense integrated flywheel, which stores sufficient energy to ride through power disturbances such  as dips or surges in voltage and/or current.
Flywheel UPS - Single Module
UPS 250i Series 120-250 kVA (108-225kW) Spec Sheet
750 HD Series 625 kVA (625kW) Single/Parallel Capability Spec Sheet
Flywheel UPS - Multi Module
500iG Series 250-500 kVA (225-450kW) Spec Sheet
1000iZ Series 250-1000 kVA (225-900kW) Spec Sheet

Continuous Power Module (CPM)

For those who require seamless, continuous power but don’t have the building space, would like to use their existing space more effectively or would like to move their power outdoors, Caterpillar offers a containerised power package to meet the toughest demands. The Continuous Power Module (CPM) includes a UPS, Generator and Switchgear within an ISO container that provides conditioned, continuous power when and where you need it most.

As each site it uniquely different, the CPM can be delivered in both standard and customised configurations. The CPM is fully factory tested offering ‘plug & play’ installation making it ideal for those looking to get up and running quickly. High efficiency with low maintenance and running costs keep Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) down while also offering substantial upfront savings when compared to supplying, installing and commissioning separate equipment from different manufacturers. The Cat CPM provides a single source for your power needs.

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