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Energy Power Systems Australia (EPSA) offers quality used diesel engines and used and second hand generators from our own Cat® Rental Power fleet, as well as used and rebuilt units from the Cat used equipment fleet.

All equipment is built to the highest specifications and standards, and we offer some of the most advanced and dependable used models. Our rapid turnover of rental equipment means you get the latest products.

All fleet is tested and comes with a known service history. Our Cat-powered ex-rental sets and Cat-certified used equipment can be supplied with a full warranty package supported by Caterpillar. 

EPSA offers wide range of Used Cat and Cat Rental Power diesel engines and generators

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power generation

If you’re ready to make a valuable but affordable investment for your business without sacrificing on quality, standards and reliability, then Energy Power Systems Australia has the right products for you. Our Used Equipment division has used diesel generators available for purchase in both open and enclosed, attenuated designs to keep your workplace well equipped at an affordable price.

Buying a used diesel generator does not mean you have to settle for second best. At Energy Power Systems Australia, we understand that for your business to be working at optimal efficiency, it needs to be equipped with the right products for its environment. For this reason, we provide the widest possible choice for you to purchase.

Our range of used diesel generators varies from 10 to 2500 kVA to ensure that you have the right power and features for your needs. With a rapid and regular turnover rate, you can also rest assured that our used diesel generators incorporate the latest models, technologies and features. We can also provide low hours sets for optimal performance and value.

Our fleet of used diesel generators service a wide range of industries, including:

power generation

  • Construction
  • Marine
  • Mining
  • Hospitals
  • Forestry
  • Telecommunications
  • Underground
  • Agricultural

We know how important it is to invest in a product you can trust, with the expertise and service you can rely on. Our industry-leading technicians and service team are available 24/7 and are stationed nationwide to better service your business. We will also provide you, where possible, with a fully documented maintenance history for your used diesel generator and, upon dispatch, we can perform optional rigorous testing on your model to ensure that you receive a product that is consistent with our high reputation in quality used diesel generators.

When you make the right choice for your business, you can enjoy a personalised service and quality product performance to keep your workplace functioning at optimal efficiency. Don’t settle for second best – buy a used diesel generator from Energy Power Systems Australia and put your business first.

Make an investment you can rely on. View our range of used diesel generators available for sale here, or email us your enquiry.


The generators we have for sale can support your business with prime, standby, peak shaving and backup power generation, and cover diesel, gas and electric models.


Energy Power Systems Australia (EPSA) is Australia's specialised Cat® engine dealer for any business or application; marine propulsion to industrial power, electric power generation, oil and gas drilling and offshore production, rental and used engines and generators.

EPSA provides wide range of used diesel and gas engines, used diesel generators, used gas generators and a variety of components and ancillary equipment to buy. 

EPSA has also wide range of other Cat® Used Equipment including used air compressors and used temperature control equipment for sale.

Buy used Cat equipment from EPSA's network anywhere around Australia, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.

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