Models: C0.5_ C0.7_ C1.1_ C1.5_ C2.2_ C4.4_ C7.1 & 3504

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Model S/No. Prefix Operation & Maintenance
Parts Manual

Electrial Wiring Diagram/Schematic

C0.5 C69 SEBU 8312-03 M009 6489-00 Elec.  C0.5-C0.7
C0.7 C7J SEBU 8312-03 SEBP 4832-00 Elec.  C0.5-C0.7
C1.1 C6L SEBU 8312-03 SEBP 4546-12 Elec.  C1.1
C1.1 C7Y SEBU 8312-03 SEBP 5546-02 Elec.  C1.1
C1.5 C6N SEBU 8312-03 SEBP 4545-01 Elec.  C1.5 - C2.2
C1.5 C8W SEBU 8312-03 SEBP 5547-01 Elec.  C1.5 - C2.2
C2.2 C6M SEBU 8312-03 SEBP 4544-24 Elec.  C1.5 - C2.2
C2.2 C8Y SEBU 8312-03 SEBP 5548-00 Elec.  C1.5 - C2.2
C2.2 G7L SEBU 8312-03 SEBP 5284-00 Elec.  C1.5 - C2.2
3054C 330 SEBU 7655-04 SEBP 3644-32 Elec.  3054
  334 SEBU 7655-04 SEBP 3644-32 Elec.  3054
C4.4 Mechanical 440 SEBU 8327-03 SEBP 7406-00 Elec.  C4.4 Mechanical
C4.4 ACERT 444 SEBU 8180-02 SEBP 4124-16 RENR9964
  W23 SEBU 9065-01 SEBP 7530-26 UENR4459
C7.1 Mechanical 673 SEBU 8729-02 SEBP 6136-00 Elec.  C7.1 Mechanical
  M75 SEBU 8729-02 M007 7536-00 Elec.  C7.1 Mechanical
C7.1 ACERT G9R SEBU 8730-01 SEBP 7151-14 UENR0630

Application & Installation (A&I) Guides
Recommendations on how to install your engine
and configure its peripheral systems
Introduction  LEBW4951-00
Air Compressor  LEBW0007-01
Air Intake Systems  LEBW4969-07
Alignment  LEBW4975-06
Cooling Systems  LEBW4978-16
Crankcase Ventilation Systems  LEBW4958-04
Diesel Engine Control Systems LEBW4981-01
Diesel Fuel Systems  LEBW4976-08
Exhaust Systems LEBW4970-07
Lubrication Systems  LEBW4957-04
Mounting  LEBW4974-06
Noise  LEBW4973-03
Starting Systems  LEBW4980-11
Vibration  LEBW4972-03
C4.4 - C7.1 A&I Electronics LEBH0019-02 EPSA Rev1
C4.4ACERT & C7.1ACERT Important Fuel Information
Additional CATERPILLAR Information:
Safety Data Sheets - Oil, Coolant & Batteries
Oil and Your Engine
Coolant and Your Engine
Understanding the SOS Oil Analysis Tests
One Safe Source
Battery Specifications
Battery Cross Reference
Dealer Service Tool Catalogue
Cat Hand Tools
Warranty Statement (SELF5720)
Australian Parts and Service Dealers - Contact Details
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