David Southwell

With half of Australia focused on the upcoming football final series the whole Rental team is looking forward to kicking some goals of its own as the specialist equipment rental markets start to wake from their winter hibernation.

In keeping with the normal seasonality we’ve had softer trading months in May through August. Prospects for September are looking stable, although the plethora of activity undertaken by our sales teams in recent months has uncovered a number of very promising opportunities that – if a few things go our way - will come to fruition over the next quarter.

The Darwin team is ensuring the branch continues to power along in a vibrant market, setting the pace for the rest of the network. Our Queensland teams are seeking out opportunities outside of our traditional mining, oil and gas markets, whilst readying the Temperature Control and Power Generation fleet for what we hope will be a busy summer. It’s great to see Ed Barnes’ year or more of hard work start to pay dividends in NSW as we grow our presence in the very substantial civil construction sector, and the SA team has landed a couple of decent-sized Fish! recently that should see the Adelaide branch be a solid contributor to the company for the foreseeable future.

July and August saw a hive of activity in the North West of WA when EPSA answered the call to quickly meet the urgent needs of one of our valued clients. Significant diesel power stations were established across two sites, with equipment and people being brought in from across the country in a fabulous display of what the EPSA team can accomplish against some pretty steep odds. Our thanks go to everybody involved in this job, which not only met the expectations of an important customer but also gave Peter Murphy, our new Regional Rental Manager – WA a chance to both learn about our equipment quickly, and showcase his leadership qualities. Well done by all!

Front-line salespeople are the lifeblood of every business. In challenging markets there’s no substitute for drive, persistence and optimism and we’re looking forward in particular to our new sales team members across the business using those attributes in contributing to our success – welcome to Scott Proud (Townsville), Luke Bagnall (Brisbane), David Harrison (Sydney), Graham Kinsella (Melbourne) and Ian Waite (Kalgoorlie). Thank you for choosing to bring your skills to EPSA.

It almost goes without saying that having the right high quality equipment ready to go at a moment's notice is vital to any Rental business. That said, the costs of ownership of large pieces of capital equipment are significant, so from time to time we review our fleet holdings to ensure the money we have tied up in fleet is in line with expected market demand. Having recently completed that exercise we’ve identified a range of generators, compressors and temperature control equipment that have served their useful life in our fleet, and will shortly be offered for sale on the global used equipment market. Selling used equipment is all part of our normal business lifecycle and the efforts of everybody in the business to identify opportunities for selling UEB inventory go a long way to both keeping our fleet fresh, and to maximising the number of Cat machines in the market. Expect to see a renewed emphasis on this important area of our business over coming months.

Thank you all, for your efforts in ensuring EPSA delivers the absolute best we can in customer representation, service delivery, and safe and sustainable work practices. It is a privilege to be a part of such a fabulous team.


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