Engine sales

Julian Reynolds

Following on from last month’s report in which I highlighted that the Engines result has been positive for three months straight, I’m now pleased to say we also had a good result for July to kick-off the new financial year. Marine recorded a particularly strong result, underpinned by invoicing for the Austal Cape Class project. Margins were good across all segments, with EPR being a stand-out at 23.2%, but despite good margins for EPR, revenue was under where it needs to be to make budget for the full year. Having said that, the order book for EPR is in reasonable shape so we should be able to make up lost ground.

We are beginning to see a lot more activity and opportunities emerging in the EPI Diesel and Gas segments. This is typically for project-type jobs, which is really encouraging as our order book is diminishing quickly and we need to win some jobs soon to build it back up to a comfortable level. We are confident of winning two major jobs in the very near future, so hopefully you will hear some good news around that very soon.

As part of our vision to be committed to absolute customer focus, EPSA will soon begin surveying customers regarding their experiences in dealing with EPSA. It’s through this surveying that we will be able to establish a Net Promoter Score for EPSA, through which we can track our efforts in improving customer experience. Improvement actions will come from the feedback we receive from our customers via these surveys, so it is an important addition to the way we do things here in EPSA. AJ is running this initiative, so look out for more details in the near future.

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