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Paul Forsyth

I think there is a few of us that are glad to see the back of last financial year! I do get a sense with the amount of activity, both in the CDC and tendering, we will put last year behind us and deliver a much better financial performance in 2016/17.

One of the highlights every year for me is the Employee Engagement Survey. I like it because it’s the best way to hear what staff have got to say. I firmly believe an engaged workforce delivers shareholder value. So if we get feedback on engagement we can try and do something about it. It’s even more important when times are tough. Employee Engagement is what will see EPSA through this down turn.

I’d like to welcome Janine Chilton into the Accounts Payable role. Janine started with us on 29 August 2016. Please give Janine a warm EPSA welcome. Janine will replace Jan Warner who is retiring over the next month or so. Please make sure you get around and see Jan before she finishes (although we hope it’s not the last we see of Jan).

Information Technology

Salesforce users should remember that Internet Explorer is no longer supported. Please use Chrome or Edge when using Salesforce.

Its worth reminding people to be vigilant about fraudulent emails or SMS messages. In particular, be careful clicking on in-app ads or replying to SMS ads on your mobiles. Sometimes not replying subscribes you so read the SMS carefully. It is very easy to inadvertently subscribe to premium content costing money. As usual, the best thing to do if in doubt is just ask someone in IT.

Human Resources



The Employee Opinion Survey (EOS) is an opportunity for employees to provide their honest and candid feedback on what EPSA and its leaders are doing well and what we can do better. EOS is only one part of an ongoing process to drive action, but it is the part where employees have the most impact.

Each response to the survey is secure and completely confidential. Remember, your opinion can only drive action within our company if you answer the survey. The first step is yours. Take the survey, drive action.

How can you drive action?

Provide your opinion through EOS which commences 12th September 2016. Stay tuned….

Used Equipment Business (UEB)

UEB results in July were not good but very similar to last year. This is as expected though as we had a big year end push to finalise all our outstanding projects.

We have a couple of big sales due in August and September, but enquiry levels have really dropped off. This is normal for this time of year, but is a reminder that we can’t just sit back and expect things to happen.


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