Product registration

Congratulations on your recent purchase of Cat® Power Systems equipment and thank you for doing business with us.

Energy Power Systems Australia (EPSA) is the specialised Cat® Power Systems supplier for Australia, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.

We serve a diverse range of markets, including mining, forestry, construction, pipeline/oil field construction, agriculture, government sector, marine, transportation, fisheries, and the commercial transport industry.

EPSA’s core businesses are in engines, generator sets, packaged power plants and rental/used equipment. All our products are fully supported by Caterpillar® through the established Caterpillar® dealer network.

To register your Cat® Power Systems  product for the standard Cat® Warranty coverage please click through on one of the below links and complete the form relevant to you:

I am the service and maintenance contractor of the Cat® engine/generator.

I am the reseller/interim owner of the Cat® engine/generator.

I am an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).