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As the summer season is upon us and the weather builds up, it’s important to make sure that you are equipped with reliable cooling towers, fluid chillers and industrial air conditioning equipment to keep your process or working
environment cool, your stock refrigerated and your staff comfortable. This is crucial for the productivity, efficiency and safety in your workplace. Call our specialists on 1-800 800 441!

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We can power your event, large or small. Our portable generators come in a wide variety of capacities. Get the peace of mind that comes with hiring a Cat generator - reliable, dependable and fuel efficient.

  • Keep your lights on and air conditioning running.
  • Power to run kitchens and catering.
  • Power the amps & special effects for your performances.

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The Fire Season has begun, and we all know that we need to prepare for all scenarios. EPSA provides emergency generators to families, farms, businesses, SES, CFA and local governments around Australia. No matter where you are - you can buy a generator or rent for a day, a week or however long you need.

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Cyclones and severe storms can produce hail, flooding, rains, lightning, winds greater than 200km/h and storm surge. Pay attention to weather forecasts during storm season (November–April); keeping informed will help you protect your family and property.

  • Prepare your Emergency Kit
  • Prepare your animals
  • Prepare your Evacuation Plan

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