CAT - DPQ 425A Air Compressor

  • CAT - DPQ 425A Air Compressor

    CAT - DPQ 425A Air Compressor 425ADPQ-CAT

    The Energy Power Systems Australia range of towable oil flooded rotary screw compressors are fitted with the latest designed CAT engines for fuel efficiency and reliability. Our Fleet of compressors run Sullair rotary screw air ends to provide efficiency and reliability. All of our units are fitted with after coolers and moisture separators to provide you with dry air for your applications. Our compressors are also fitted with user friendly control panels allowing the machines to be run from one location. These units are highway towable to a maximum speed of 88 km/h with the correct vehicle and towpack.

    Our compressors have been designed and built robust for outdoor applications including the industrial, pipeline, mining, construction and manufacturing segments to provide durability and maintain the production of your operation. The units are fully enclosed and sound attenuated.

    The units are completely assembled with all interconnecting piping and standard 25mm Claw fittings and 50mm BSPP Fittings ready for installation.


    • Maximum Flow (Free Air Flow) 425 CFM 200 L/S
    • Pressure Range (min - max) 80 - 100 PSI 5.5 - 6.9 Bar
    • Max ambient temp at full load operation 50°C
    • Maximum towing speed 88 km/h
    • Sound level at full load at 7 metre Approx: 76 db(A)
    • Compressed air outlet 4qty x 1” (claw) 1qty x 2”
    • After cooled air and moisture separator Yes with option for standard air
    • 2 wheel registered trailer dimensions
    • Overall Length of Canopy (metres) 2.52 mtr
    • Overall Length (metres) with drawbar 4.12 mtr
    • Overall Width (metres) 1.96 mtr
    • Overall Height (metres) 1.80 mtr
    • Weight – Wet 1928 kg approx


    • Fuel to be used Commercial Diesoline
    • Fuel Tank Capacity (litres) 212 ltr
    • Fuel Reserve at 100% load 8.5 hrs
    • Fuel consumption at 100% load (l/hr) 24.4 l/hr
    • Engine Caterpillar 3054C (T2)
    • Engine Speed and kW 2200 rpm / 97 kW

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