Cat® Hybrid Microgrid Components

Cat® Advanced Solar Solution

Powered by advanced thin-film solar modules that are setting the industry benchmark with an improved performance over conventional silicon solar panels, the Cat solar solution offers:

  • Superior Performance. Reliable and predictable energy in all climates and applications particularly in high temperatures, high humidity, extreme desert and coastal environments where it generates more energy than multicrystalline silicon solar modules.
  • Robust Modules. Modules are independently tested to pass accelerated life and stress tests beyond industry standards (including Thresher, IEC, ISO, UL, CSI, MCS, CEC and other international standards) and come with warranty protection.
  • Scaleable, Compatible and Easy to Install. A fully scalable, pre-engineered solar solution that is compatible, quick and easy to install.

Controls: Cat Microgrid Master Controller (MMC)

The MMC manages every source in the entire Cat Hybrid Microgrid Solution, including main-grid when connected, keeping loads energized all the time, with high quality power at the lowest cost

Energy Storage Paired with Cat Bi-directional Power (BDP) Module

The Cat BDP module offers state-of-the-art energy conversion and storage technologies. This includes the robust Cat power electronics system, renowned for its operational capabilities in harsh environments, as demonstrated by its utilisation in the Cat D7E Track-Type Tractor. World class power electronic Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs) seamlessly control the charge and discharge of the energy storage providing another tried and tested Caterpillar technology that is fully operational in the field with support ranging from Cat parts availability to service tools. A range of energy storage technologies are available from traditional lead-acid or lithium ion, to revolutionary rechargeable metal-air (Zinc-air), which provides the most economical electricity storage and includes integrated controls and monitoring at the cell level. A fully flexible offering enables a combination of these technologies, depending on your application.

Flexible Fuel Options

Providing all the reliability and durability you need, Caterpillar offers the industry’s widest range of diesel, gas and dual fuelled generator sets; automatic transfer switches, uninterruptible power systems and switchgear for seamless integration. From configuration to installation, operation and aftercare, your local Cat dealer is committed to your success, to ensure the Cat generator set you buy today is the one you trust years from now.

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