Gas Compression

Caterpillar: from the well to the customer

  • Pipeline
  • Storage
  • Gathering
  • Re-injection

There are many ways to move oil and gas, but only one choice in engine: Caterpillar.

Caterpillar: reliable compression power.

Caterpillar offers the widest range of prime mover choices, with power ratings from 110 hp (82 kW) to 8,180 hp (6,100 kW).

Cat combustion technology will burn almost any gaseous fuel - natural gas, digester gas, coal bed methane, landfill gas, biogas, wellhead gas or propane - and can be programmed to switch from one to another.

Innovative electronic controls give you excellent fuel economy and dependability that in turn gives you low owning and operating costs.

With Caterpillar's broad operating ranges and options, you can tailor engine specifications to any application and to your site-specific requirements.

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