C8.7 Propulsion Engine

  • C8.7 Propulsion Engine

    C8.7 Propulsion Engine Marine_P_C8.7

    Cat propulsion engines are built to endure the high demands of the marine environment. All CAT engine production facilities are certified with the ISO 9001 international quality standard certification, while all CAT marine engines meet the International Maritime Organisation's NOx regulations.

    Key Features

    • Maximum uptime
    • Reliable
    • Durable
    • Fuel Efficient


    • Approx Dimensions: 1.85m L x .88m W x .98m H
    • Aspiration:Turbocharged, supercharged, aftercooled
    • Bore x Stroke: 11.7cm x 13.5cm
    • Displacement: 8.7 litre
    • Rotation (from flywheel end): Counterclockwise
    • Engine Dryweight (approx): 1041 kg

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