Standby Power

A turnkey Cat® power system from Energy Power Systems means smooth, worry-free standby power for your business, factory, mine site, hospital or data centre.

An experienced EPSA representative utilises Cat software to quickly analyse site conditions and evaluate the load requirements. We can then recommend a reliable engine/generator combination that best fits the particular application.

If your operation cannot afford to be down, even for seconds, EPSA can install a flywheel UPS that will provide uninterrupted stored energy, giving your standby generator time to get on line. Cat flywheel UPS also provides continuous power conditioning to prevent even the smallest interference from disrupting your business.

Every package is subject to rigorous pre-installation testing at the factory and also at local EPSA facilities. This uncompromising attention to quality is your assurance that a Cat system will be online in seconds, ready to power your facility, maintain a data centre or ensure the safety and movement of people in public buildings and hospitals.

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