Ensure you have continuous power and save money on your energy bills by decreasing your consumption from the grid.

  • Ensure continuous power
  • Reduce your energy bills.
  • Decrease your peak demand charge 
  • Decrease your consumption from the grid.
  • More assured savings over your electricity bills. 
  • You could save between 10 - 40% on your power bills
  • Environmental friendly
  • Assure a long-term supply of energy from the sun for a fixed price for 25 years thanks to a Predictable Tarif (LCEO: Levelised Cost of Energy)

The Cat®/EPSA Difference

EPSA is a fully integrated service provider of rooftop solar systems. We offer purpose built products, a turn-key solution and project services, Cat® Finance purchase options and a Cat® warranty all backed by Caterpillar®.


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