Tailored solutions to meet your business objects.
Power Stabilising energy storage options. 



EPSA design and engineer a solution specific
to your site and application.

Cat® Hybrid Microgrid Systems unlock the lowest cost of energy from any source.

Invest with confidence with Cat®’s benchmark


We provide customised solutions to drive business value:

• Maintain business critical functions during power outages
• Improve your energy profile to reduce costs
• Protect your business from future energy cost rises
• Stabilise power and improve business efficiency
• Support variable loads while minimising demand and network charges
• Mitigate the risk of production downtime or spoiled produce due to power interruptions
• Improve your environmental footprint

EPSA – Your partner for stable, low cost and sustainable power.

EPSA has the knowledge and expertise to ensure the most effective power solution is integrated seamlessly with your existing power supply.

We understand the importance of engaging with you to design a site-specific solution. Solutions are flexible, catering for your changing needs and regulatory requirements and are backed by a seamless end to end warranty and support through the Cat® network.

Throughout your entire transformation, EPSA delivers extensive experience, superior expertise, reliable systems, finance options, remote monitoring and maintenance.




















It can be challenging to understand the financial benefit of commercial rooftop solar. Make an informed decision, understand your power bills with EPSA’s Solar Consultation and engineering services.








EPSA utilises the latest technology delivering:

• Lowest cost of energy
• High performing & robust Cat® technology and warranty
• National support network

Based on your energy consumption, EPSA has developed services to assist in your decision:

• Solar System Sizing including installation components
• Equipment specifications to Australian Standards
• Site layout and arrangement drawings
• Energy calculations \ Load profiles
• Scope of Works
• Cost estimates based on market requisitions
• Project scheduling



Cat® Power Systems - reliable power solutions from a brand you can trust. With over 80 years of powering business, EPSA delivers solar power and energy storage solutions from Caterpillar.


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