Prime Power Generator

Energy Power Systems offers Prime Power Generator for any of your power generation application.

When the very lives of people in remote Australian towns depend on an electrical power source, the question of equipment reliability takes on a dramatic new meaning. That is why many power generation plants in outback Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland are commonly Caterpillar, and more often than not they are packaged by Energy Power Systems.

High ambient temperatures, dust and varying loads combined with lack of on-site maintenance personnel in many isolated communities, have given our people a unique perspective on the resourcefulness and adaptability required to specify and construct remote power installations.

EPSA works closely with each customer to identify the challenges of their particular situation. We then develop a unique solution to meet these challenges.

An example of the other weather extreme is the range of gen sets that we supply to the Australian Antarctic bases, where lives depend upon the reliability of the generators.

Few companies can equal Energy Power Systems in our ability to deliver nationally. We have remote installations fuelled by diesel, LPG, natural gas and LNG.

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Energy Power Oil and Gas Prime Power

Energy Power Electric Power Co Tri Generation


A1 Minerals - WA

Application: Prime Power (Remote Power)

"“The commercial and technical teams at EPSA have been very supportive and accommodating to deliver a quality product both on time and within our allocated budget.”  ” 

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Exxon Mobil PNG

Application: Prime Power

Energy Power Systems Australia has provided Exxon Mobile PNG an Olympian GEP33 and GEP150 generator sets. 

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