Hybrid Microgrid System. Engineered by Caterpillar. Delivered by EPSA.


Engineered to deliver unmatched flexibility, expandability, reliability and cost-effectiveness, discover how Energy Power Systems Australia (EPSA) can support your business with Cat® Hybrid Microgrid System.

"Experience clean, cost-effective electricity with no reliance on the grid thanks to the revolutionary Cat® Hybrid Microgrid System."



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Discover The Power Of Cat® Hybrid Microgrid System.

Powering sustainable Progress. Everywhere. All The Time.


Caterpillar is leading the integration of renewable power with smart energy storage and conventional diesel or gas-fuelled power generation. As global fuel prices fluctuate and renewable technologies become increasingly more sophisticated. the Cat® Hybrid Microgrid System delivers a fully customisable and scalable hybrid power solution to meet your power needs today and for future expansions.


•Significantly reduce your fuel expenses

•Decrease harmful emissions

•Lower your total cost of ownership

•Achive favorable payback periods

•Experience clean, cost-effective electricity


The Cat® Hybrid Microgrid System


•Increased energy efficiency with no reliance on the grid and optimal total cost of ownership

•Efficient power that can be produced where and when it is needed without transmission lines and transformer losses

•High performance, scalable system designed and built using standardised building blocks that are easy and quick to install even in challenging environments.













Introducing The Cat® Grid Stability Modules


The Cat® grid stability modules are robust and scalable, energy storage systems. Each module integrates with renewable sources to provide short duration power when that source is not available. They also provide temporary backup power in the event of a power outage.




•Two Systems

Energy Time Shift Module (ETSM) and Grid Stability Module (GSM)

•Reliable and Scalable

Each system comprises a pre-engineered container easily installed on-site. Multiple energy storage modules can be operated in parallel for increased power output and/or to increase the battery kWh capacity.

•Grid Stabilization

Each system protects against many typical power problems, including power failure, voltage sags/surges, and under/over voltage conditions.

•BDP Bi-Directional Power Inverts

Cat® Bi-Directional Power (BDP) inverts provide exceptional reliability and durability and feature intelligent controls for the charging and discharging of the energy storage equipment. They also include static VAR compensator, full four-quadrant output power factor control, automatic anti-islanding, and are parallel ready (multiple modules may be used in parallel to increase total output).

•Australia-wide and Worldwide Product Support

Cat® dealers provide extensive post-sale support including maintenance and repair agreements from over 1,800 dealer branch stores operating in 200 countries, with over 200 Cat® dealer locations across Australia.


Standard Equipment

•Cat® BDP250 bi-directional power inverts

•Energy storage batteries

•Colour HMI touchscreen

•Remote communications via Modbus TCP

•HVAC system to maintain 15°C to 27°C (60°F to 80°F) interior temperatures

•Interior AC lighting and convenience receptacles

•Fire suppression system


Energy Time Shift Module (ETSM)

Charges during the day and discharges at night, minimise your reliance on carbon intense fuels and grid supply

Grid Stability Module (GSM)



Helps remote sites and firing of grid facilities to overcome large load steps, and enables high penetration levels of renewable energy.

•250kW to 1000kW

•288kWh to 2500kWh

•50Hz 380-415 Volt

•10ft - 40ft containerised

•250kW to 1500kW

•50Hz 380-400 Volt

•10ft - 40ft containerised

Energy Storage


•Advanced lithium-ion batteries provide good energy density, high discharge / recharge efficiency and high cycle life.

Energy Storage


•Advanced lithium-ion batteries provide good energy density, high discharge / recharge efficiency and high cycle life.

•Optional ultra-capacitors provide short duration, high power output to minimise discharge of the lithium-ion batteries and support momentary load surges.



•Time shifting of renewable energy

•Renewable smoothing

•Peak shaving

•Grid firming/grid stabilisation

•Facility backup

•Spinning reserve



•Renewable smoothing

•Grid firming/grid stabilisation

•Facility backup

•Virtual spinning reserve

Technical Data


Spec Sheet

Technical Data


Spec Sheet


Experience Cat® Hybrid Microgrid System with EPSA.

EPSA is proud to be the exclusive Australian distributor of the full range of Cat® Hybrid Microgrid System from 10kW - 100MW. And we're with you at every phase of your project, from the delivery of your complete turnkey to design-to-order solution to service and maintenance from your local Caterpillar® dealer. We offer finance options, warranty, service agreements, and available parts in Australia with product upgrade options.



Ensure you have continuous power and save between 10 - 40% on your power bills
Reduce your energy bills, decrease your peak demand charge and decrease your consumption from the grid.
Be more environmental friendly and be assured of long-term supply of energy from the sun for a fixed price for 25 years thanks to a Predictable Tarif (LCEO: Levelised Cost of Energy).


The Cat®/EPSA Difference

EPSA is only fully integrated service provider of hybrid systems. We offer purpose built products, a turn-key solution and project services, Cat® Finance purchase options and a Cat® warranty all backed by Caterpillar®.


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