Co-generation/Tri-generation (also Combined Heat and Power, CHP) is the use of a heat engine or a power station to simultaneously generate both electricity and useful heat.

All thermal power plants emit a certain amount of heat during electricity generation. This can be released into the natural environment through cooling towers, flue gas or by other means. By contrast, CHP captures some or all of the by-product heat for heating and/or cooling purposes.

Co-generation is a thermo-dynamically efficient use of fuel. In separate production of electricity, some energy must be rejected as waste heat, but in co-generation this thermal energy is put to good use.

There are numerous Caterpillar® Co-generation sites in Australia. One of the most successful is the plant installed at Crown Casino in Melbourne.

Crown Casino Melbourne - Co-generation Site

Application: Co-Generation

"EPSA delivers proven reliability in co-generation applications – as witnessed by the performance of the original Crown Casino cogeneration plant that has been operating successfully for nearly 20 years ” 

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Launceston Hospital

Application: Co-Generation

“Energy Power Systems Australia was the successful tenderer with a Caterpillar co-generation plant based on an attractive price and the fact that they had an extensive range of gas fuelled generators operating in Australia ." 

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  Energy Power Electric Power Co Tri Generation


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