Cat Switchgear

Your ability to reliably provide and manage power is assured with Cat switchgear.

Today the demand for reliable power is greater than ever before. Even the slightest disturbance can threaten the integrity of entire power systems. If an outage occurs, irreplaceable data could be lost, money lost - even lives lost.

Cat Switchgear is an innovative, technologically superior, yet extremely affordable, solution to meet your need for reliable power generation.


Total System Control at Your Fingertips

The touch-screen display is the key to the system's power and simplicity. The touch-screen gives the operator immediate, yet easily understandable views of the status of the entire system - something conventional hardware-based switchgear cannot do.


The Information You Need - the Way You Want to See It

All the critical information you need is displayed in a manner that is familiar. The graphics look exactly like the metres and gauges on conventional switchgear.


Advanced Microprocessor Technology with Remote Monitoring and Control Capabilities

Cat Switchgear has exceptional communication capabilities that allow you to control your standby power plant from just about anywhere - from across the building, across the country or from the other side of the world.

Plant Managers and on-call operators can do the same when on the road or even from their homes. Access is on a real-time basis.

Of course, all information is password-protected and can be set up for access from multiple facilities. 

Reliability Unrivalled in the Industry

Cat Switchgear is failure tolerant at three (3) levels

  • A separate processor for automatic operations
  • A separate processor for the touchscreen control functions
  • Distributed manual control at each engine/generator unit and its corresponding circuit breaker

Even with the highly unlikely failure of both system processors, generators can be manually paralleled and controlled.

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