Don't miss out on hot showers, entertainment, access to information and home cooking during a power outage.


What are the benefits to you?

  • Simple to choose the best option for you
  • Limit disruption - easy to install and house
  • Give yourself peace of mind - protect your household
  • Limit any risk with our CAT® Warranty
  • Get what you need - customisation available
  • Cover yourself end-to-end with our CAT® Service and support
  • Get what you need - personalised specifications available
  • Service and support
  • Four year free Extended Service Coverage (ESC) for Standby

Optional Extras

We can assist you in meeting specific requirements.

  • Jacket Water Heaters
  • Fuel Level Senders
  • Bunded Fuel Tanks
  • Socket Outlets
  • Automatic Transfer Switch available in a range of sizes
  • Remote Monitoring Software Packages
  • Customer Service Agreement - Preventative Maintenance


Help Protect Your Family During A Power Outage.

How does it work?

1. Your home experiences a power outage

2. Your Standby Generator turns on automatically

3. Power is restored in seconds


  • Provides permanent back up protection from power outages
  • Add value to your property
  • Transfer switches available to automatically start Standby Generator
  • Premium quality - reliable, durable, efficient
  • Suitable for small commercial applications
  • Delivers back up electricity for lights, freezers, TV, air conditioners & computers

Residential Managed Power


What is managed power?

The CAT® Compact range provides emergency power to your household so your appliances and lighting stays on until mains power is restored.


The CAT® Compact diesel generator range use industry leading mechanical and electrical design with reliability and durability at the forefront, so you feel safe and secure under all conditions. Powered by market-leading CAT® diesel engines the CAT® Compact range delivers on fuel efficiency, product life and optimised run time from fuel tanks. The modular design provides you with flexibility for installation according to specific local requirements and a more compact installation footprint, minimising space required and initial installation costs.



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