Sound Attenuated Enclosures (SAE)

  • Sound Attenuated Enclosures (SAE)

    Sound Attenuated Enclosures (SAE) Sound Attenuated Enclosures (SAE)

    The Olympian Sound Attenuated Enclosure is a robust, industrial grade, weather-proof enclosure that reduce noise levels to below industry standards.

    The enclosures come pre-fitted in one of the following ranges

    Genset Model

    Enclosure Model

    GEP11SP, GEP13.5, GEP14SP, GEP16SP, GEP18, GEP22

    10 to 35 kVA Enclosure

    GEP26SP, GEP33, GEP44, GEP35SP, GEP50, GEP44SP, GEP55, GEP65, GEP50SP, GEP88, GEP65SP, GEP80SP, GEP88SP, GEP105SP, GEP110, GEP150, GEP165

    26 to 165 kVA Enclosure

    GEH220, GEH250, GEH275

    200 to 275 kVA Enclosure

    The fully weatherproof sound attenuated enclosures reduce sound levels to a level that is lower than European Community regulations.

    The enclosures incorporate internally mounted exhaust silencers and are of extremely rugged construction to with stand the rough handing common on many construction sites. They are designed on modular principles with many interchangeable components permitting on site repair.

    Standard Features

    • Robust / highly corrosion resistant construction
    • Excellent Access for Maintenance via large side door on both sides.
    • Exhaust silencing system enclosed for operator safety
    • Lifting points on base frame. Many models have single point lifting facility
    • Base fuel tank
    • Fully guarded cooling fan and battery charging alternator
    • Fuel fill and battery access via lockable access doors
    • Emergency stop button on canopy exterior
    • Lube oil drain and radiator drain to exterior
    • Control panel viewing window

    Download data sheets:

    RRP: $1.00