Remote Monitoring MCM9

  • Remote Monitoring MCM9

    Remote Monitoring MCM9 Remote Monitoring MCM9


    Remote Monitoring MCM9

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    The PowerWizard Annunciator is a 16-channel display unit for remotely indicating the status of a generating set fitted with 
    the PowerWizard 2.0panel. 

    The annunciator communicates with the PowerWizard 2.0 panel via the accessory J1939 data link and can be mounted 
    up to 240 metres away from thegenerating set.

    Each channel on the annunciator has two LED’s and can be individually configured to read status and alarm signals from the PowerWizard 
    2.0 panel using the Electronic Service Tool.

    An additional pair of LED’s displays status indication of the J1939 data link.

    The annunciator includes an audible alarm, an alarm acknowledge pushbutton and a lamp test pushbutton.

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    RRP: $1.00