Remote Fuel System 2

  • Remote Fuel System 2

    Remote Fuel System 2 Remote Fuel System 2

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    This option provides the automatic transfer of fuel from a bulk fuel tank that is located higher than the basetank. When set to automatic, low fuel level in the basetank is sensed by the fuel level sensor. The DC motorised valve is opened and fuel is
    allowed to flow from the high level bulk tank by the force of gravity. To help ensure that clean fuel reaches the engine, fuel from the bulk tank 
    is strained just prior to the motorised valve.

    When the basetank is full, as sensed by the fuel level sensor, the motorised valve is closed. Any overflow into the basetank or overpressure in
    the basetank will flow back to the bulk tank via the extended vent.

    ? High level bulk tank (item 1)*
    ? Control panel (item 2)
    ? DC motorised fuel valve (item 3)
    ? Fuel level switches in the basetank (item 4)
    ? Extended vent/return line (continuous rise) on the basetank (item 5)*
    ? Fuel supply line (item 6)*
    ? Fuel strainer (item 7)
    ? Isolating valve at the bulk tank (item 8)*
    ? Level gauge (item 9)

    *Not included

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    RRP: $1.00