ATI & CTI Load Transfer Panels

  • ATI & CTI Load Transfer Panels

    ATI & CTI Load Transfer Panels ATI & CTI Load Transfer Panels

    ATI & CTI Load Transfer Panels

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    Olympian Generating Sets introduces a new range of intelligent load transfer panels, which operates in conjunction with our autostart genset control panels and incorporates the latest state of the art control technology.

    The panels use a mechanically held motorised switch to transfer the load between the mains and the genset and vice versa. In the event of mains failure, the control logic will automatically start the genset and transfer the load. The connection between the control panel and the ATI panel incorporates a two wire control system.

    The motorised switch can also be manually operated in the event of failure of any other part of the system. A further benefit of the switch is that it will remain mechanically held in position despite any fluctuations in supply. In addition, should maintenance be required on the control system, the switch will stay in position and can be operated manually.

    The CTI load transfer panel provides you with the assurance that when the utility power fails, power will automatically be transferred to the building load from the mains to the generating set.



    Download ATI datasheet

    Download CTI datasheet

    RRP: $1.00