Our Life Saving Rules


We are proud of our positive safety record and our strong safety-first culture. Our priority is to ensure we get everyone safely home, every day and that is why we have our Life Saving Rules.

Fitness for work

I will never present to work, drive a vehicle or machine under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or fatigue.

Vehicles and driving

I will always ensure my vehicle is safe to drive, seatbelts are worn and I drive responsibly.

Manual handling

I will always plan and assess before any manual handling task is carried out.

Loading and unloading

I will always ensure the area is safe to load/unload to have sufficient room to manoeuvre.

Cranes and lifting devices

I will always ensure I am trained and competent to operate and inspect crane and lifting devices prior to use.


I will always ensure that I isolate, lockout or control all energy sources before working on any plant equipment.

Hazardous substances

I will always ensure that I obtain, read and follow the instructions of the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for any hazardous substance I will be working with.