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The very first Cat® Flywheel Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) sold by Energy Power Systems Australia (EPSA) is still working  around the clock at the Seven Network. In fact, Paul Moller, the  Building Services and Facilities Manager, couldn’t be happier. In fact, Paul Moller, the  Building Services and Facilities Manager, couldn’t be happier.

“In the nine years it’s been operating, our Cat Flywheel UPS unit has  clocked up 78,912 hours and saved my butt 3,518 times by responding  to events,” Paul told us. “What’s more, in all those years the unit has  only ever needed just one temperature probe replaced.”

This trouble-free operation is even more remarkable given that  scheduled servicing by Cat dealer WesTrac is required only once  every four years.

This Cat Flywheel UPS powers the data room at Seven Network’s  corporate office in Pyrmont, Sydney. As Paul explained: “If our data  room ever goes down, we lose productivity and connectivity with all  sister systems, including our telephones, right across the country. It also powers all IT at our corporate office, including the 34 edit suites where we package our promos daily. In the event of a power failure,  we know the flywheel will continue to spin for the 14 seconds it takes  the Cat stand-by generator to start.”

Paul credits the system’s reliability to the way the unit is  manufactured by Caterpillar.

In 2003, EPSA and Caterpillar invited Paul to visit the assembly line in  Austin, Texas. “It was like a Formula One workshop,” Paul recalled.

“You could see that a lot of thought had gone into the production  process to ensure quality control; this is why these Cat UPS systems  work so well,” Paul added.

In addition to its quality performance, the Cat Flywheel UPS system  is also cost efficient. As EPSA’s Greg Conrad, the UPS Business  Development Manager, said: “This system doesn’t use much power  to run, so it’s very ‘green’. It doesn’t need special cooling like batterytype units. It doesn’t even take up much room, so you save on space  as well.” Paul couldn’t agree more.

“In fact its actual footprint is about three or four times less than the  static systems being used in other parts of the network and, as for  the vibration, when I touch the unit, I cannot feel it running at all,”  Paul added.

Even so, for all these benefits, and there are plenty of them, it’s the  software that appeals most of all to Paul. “It’s the best, most userfriendly software for a machine I’ve ever seen. I can dial in from  home, on the side of the road, or even overseas and it tells me what  I need to know in real time, across some 50 to 60 monitoring points.”

So, next time you’re sitting at home and you see a Channel 7 promo,  you can be sure that it was backed up safely by this Cat Flywheel  UPS unit, quietly working non-stop in the Network’s office.

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