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To be used in a high-pressure water pump application, the two Cat C4.4 HazPaks are the first units ordered through the Caterpillar system as a complete package in the Asia–Pacific region, says EPSA’s Steve Riley.

“I have been working closely with Pyroban to get the units delivered on time, within budget and to the correct specification.

“These are fully certified Category 3G equipment Group 2 T3 IIA for use in a Zone 2 area,” says Steve, referring to the requirement to prevent and control explosions in a hazardous atmosphere.

“All of the surface temperatures and exhaust gas must be below 200 degrees Celsius. The engines are highly specialised because they must be certified to meet rigorous explosion-proof requirements for off-shore use.”

Historically, Pyroban has provided research and development, manufacturing experience, specialist solutions and certification for gas and diesel engines operating in hazardous areas from its UK headquarters. But, as Pyroban’s Rob Double explains, “we found it difficult to provide the service that WOMA required from the UK”.

“When Caterpillar acquired Pyroban, our distribution model changed to incorporate the Cat worldwide dealer network, so we contacted EPSA to initiate discussions with WOMA and it went from there,” he says.

Caterpillar has invested heavily in Cat HazPak solutions, which Rob says enables Pyroban as a network to offer a best fit to customers at an attractive price. However, availability is often the key criterion.

“The specific challenge around this project was time, because we needed to get the equipment delivered to WOMA inside 12 weeks. We have previously partnered with EPSA, but this is our first HazPak sale,” says Rob.

“EPSA is fantastic to work with, especially the responsiveness and commitment of Steve to ensure the effective delivery of this sale.


Hart MarineCAT C4.4 HAZPAK

Cat C4.4 HazPaks are hazardous location power units designed for specialised and demanding operations in the oilfields. The units are hazardous location-certified from the factory to minimise installation design, time and cost, and are certified to operate in potentially explosive environments. 

“Caterpillar’s HazPak offering is another example of the commitment to ensure the delivery of safe solutions for the oil and gas industry, and it’s great to bring EPSA into the fold in this area,” he adds. 

“Safety and environment will continue to be critical in the industry. EPSA is now well-positioned to ensure that Zone 2 diesel power solutions can be specified, designed and constructed to the highest standards with a Caterpillar solution throughout the APAC region.” 

WOMA is a Cat OEM and Western Australian-based pioneer of Zone 2 equipment for its fabric maintenance UHP/HP-jetting business. They have worked with EPSA for around seven years and with Pyroban for around 10.

Ian Blevin, Managing Director for WOMA (Australia), says the long-standing relationship with Pyroban, and locally with EPSA, was really “put to the test” with this delivery of two complete HazPak C4.4 Units within 12 weeks 

“The team driven by Steve Riley and supported by Rob Double performed admirably and we thank them for this.”

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