World’s Largest High Speed Generator Cat® C175.

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Cat® C175-20 offers greatest power output of any High-Speed Diesel Generator Set available on the market, producing up to 4mw of power. 

It requires less maintenance and provides the highest power density of any current high-speed generator set with a smaller footprint. 

The C175-20 package is built on the proven C175 platform, which has demonstrated its reliability in Cat® machines and other power generation applications. The C175-20 is built with the same core engine parts as the C175-16, which has been in use across the globe in a variety of applications since 2008. Because they’re built with the same basic engine design and to the same engineering targets, the C175-20 is as reliable and durable as the current C175-16 generator set. 

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Cat® 175-20

The high power density of the C175-20 generator set provides more power from a smaller footprint. A single 4 MW C175-20 represents a 55 per cent reduction in footprint when compared with two 2 MW 3516B generator sets and a 28 per cent reduction when compared with a 4mw 3612. The increased power density is a key benefit for standby power on large, mission-critical installations, such as data centres and hospitals.

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