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LMS is a leading renewable energy and carbon abatement company with 30 years of industry experience. Back in 1982, the founders pioneered the collection and conversion of landfill gas-to-energy in Australia. Today, every one hour and 40 minutes, they generate enough energy for a Tesla electric car to drive to the moon.

LMS’s Chief Executive Officer, John Falzon says that a common criticism of electric vehicles is that electricity is only as “green” as its source, which may be from coal-fired power stations or natural gas power plants.

“The obvious clean alternative is residential solar systems, but a little closer to home is the renewable energy sector of landfill gas power generation. As a leader in this field, we predominately operate Cat® 3516 engines to effectively convert greenhouse gases produced by landfill waste into usable energy in the form of electricity.

“Currently, generated power is exported to the grid, but using it to power passenger vehicles is an interesting thought to pursue,” adds John.

In October 2015, John and his team tested their theory on the Tesla Model-S P85D, which is 100 per cent powered by electricity. It boasts a range of 442 kilometres on a single charge. They found that their Hallam Road Power Station in Victoria produced enough landfill waste energy to run 16,000 Teslas on the road indefinitely.

Adds John: “In fact, one Cat 3516 engine alone could charge 58 Teslas to full capacity over 4.5 hours at the same time.

“The Eastern Creek Power Station in New South Wales is one of our larger stations and is equipped with seven of these engines, which would allow for 406 Teslas to be charged at any one time. The opportunities are simply incredible. It is yesterday’s waste powering the cars of tomorrow, today!”

The LMS effect

Landfill gas is approximately 50 per cent methane (CH4), a harmful greenhouse gas that contributes to the effects of global warming. By destroying and reprocessing landfill gas, LMS reduces greenhouse gas emissions and provides a local renewable energy source for the community. As one of the few companies globally to offer a complete, in-house service for energy recovery, they are instrumental in providing ongoing environmental benefits for the community and higher returns for clients.

LMS operates 23 renewable energy facilities across Australia and is the number one provider of Large Scale Renewable Energy Certificates (previously referred to as Renewable Energy Certificates) from landfill gas in Australia. LMS projects currently generate over 370,000 MW hours of base-load renewable electricity annually across the country. In addition, LMS abates approximately 2,200,000 tonnes (CO2e) of carbon each year from its flaring and renewable energy facilities.

All references to the Tesla vehicle are referencing the P85D model and when using the Tesla Dual Charger.

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