Cat® Three60 Precision Control System now avaialble in Australia.

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The next wave of innovation in contemporary engineering and propulsion for the marine industry has arrived on our shores. 

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Combining yacht propulsion and control components into single or multiple joystick stations, the Cat® Three60 Precision Control will “revolutionise docking and slow speed manoeuvring for diesel powered and conventional driveline vessels,” says Martin Ditchburn, EPSA’s Business Manager for the marine sector.

Cat Three60 Precision Controls provide and integrated propulsion and manoeuvring solution for Pleasure Craft and Commercial monohull vessels, combining vessel controls and engine throttles for docking as well as control of engines, transmissions, thrusters and propellers for manoeuvring. 

The system simultaneously actuates and controls the engines, transmissions and thrusters with intuitive, easy fingertip movements of the joystick.

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Engine controls, transmissions, thrusters and propellers can all be activated with the Cat® Three60 by moving the same joystick.

The system uses two modes: the Lever Mode, which controls the conventional propeller drive trains using the lever head controller and the thrusters using the optional thruster control panels; and the Joystick Mode, which steers the conventional propeller drive trains and thrusters using the joystick controller.

Both modes provide smooth operation and confidence whilst manoeuvring, and the system delivers fully proportional power in any direction with propeller control down to 50 rpm.

Cat® Three60 also includes throttle control, electrical harnesses, sensors, bow and stern thrusters and hydraulic system components.

Additional enhancements soon to be released include a GPS-based location-maintaining feature, which can also be retrofitted into existing vessels that have the Cat® Three60 Precision Control system installed 

Mechanically superior and easier to use than similar products on the market, the Cat® Three60 Precision Control system is a very economical investment over the longer term thanks to its capabilities of manoeuvring vessels over a shorter period of time.

By using a traditional shaft drive train, maintenance costs are kept to a minimum, especially in comparison to other manoeuvring systems already in the marketplace.

Martin Ditchburn believes that the system’s unique advantages will be of particular benefit to commercial operators such as fisheries and water taxi services.

It will reduce their operating costs and will also deliver essential enhancements to response times for emergency services such as police search and rescue boats.

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