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2015 was a big year at EPSA with the introduction of a number of innovative new Cat products into Australia that will increase productivity for EPSA customers across the marine and retail sectors.

First Cat C8.7 Diesel Marine Engine Sold

Martin Ditchburn, EPSA Business Manager, Marine and Industrial, says his team is thrilled to introduce the new Cat C8.7 supercharged diesel engine to the Australian marine market.

“We recently completed field-testing on three sportfish yachts for the new electronically controlled Cat C8.7, and accumulated over 7,500 hours.

“We have already enjoyed our first sale of this exciting new model, which is designed for applications ranging from pleasure craft and commercial applications to large sailboats.

“It delivers an impressive 650 MHP @ 2300 RPM while meeting EPA Tier 3, IMO 2, EU Stage IIIA and RCD emissions requirements,” he adds, explaining that the C8.7’s sophisticated fuel delivery system allows the use of a radial belt-driven supercharger in addition to a conventional turbocharger—eliminating smoke and reducing lugging, all while delivering phenomenal low-end torque and impressive fuel economy.  

Maintenance and operation of the C8.7 is simple, thanks to left- and right-hand service options and an electric fuel-priming pump to minimise both downtime and effort, says Martin.

Along with traditional shaftline installations, the C8.7 can be integrated with both the Cat Three60 Pod 650 that revolutionises docking and slow-speed manoeuvring for diesel-powered yachts, and the Three60 Precision Control manoeuvring system.

Cat Compact Arrives for Retail

In 2015, EPSA took delivery of the first Cat Compact diesel gensets for the retail market.

Says Dave Cronin, EPSA National Business Manager—EP Retail:  “Production of the first of our new Cat Compact units began in January 2015 with our first units  (7.5–220 kVA) arriving in April.”

The new products include C1.1, C1.5 and C2.2 (replacing the Perkins 400 Series); C3.3, C4.4 and C7.1 (replacing the 1100 Series); and C9 (replacing the HEUI 1300 and 1600 Series),” says Dave, adding that “the redesign of the GEH300/330 has been finalised and ready for ordering towards the end of 2015”.

“These units have the Cat C9 engine,” adds Dave. The GEH250/275, also featuring the C9 engine, is due to follow in the next few months.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for the EPSA team and our Cat partner dealers. We are excited about showing the benefits of this new range to our customers.”

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