Cat 320® Excavator Stars in Bond Skyfall

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Make sure to check out the Cat 320® excavator in the latest James Bond film, "SKYFALL."

In the opening sequence of Skyfall, Bond is engaged in a chase. Speeding down the tracks at 70kph, the flatbed carriage carrying the excavator is uncoupled from the rest of the train. To continue the chase, Bond uses the Cat excavator's arm and bucket to grab the separated train. Bond then uses the arm as a bridge over which he crosses to continue the chase.

The stunt took extensive coordinating and planning.
A lot of time and effort also went into making sure actors, stunt people, crew and bystanders were safe. For example, the excavator was held to the train using a metal track so the 26-ton machine could travel along the length of the rail car and not fall off.

"Safety was critical," says Chris Corbould, special effects supervisor. "We were basically shooting through the middle of Adana, Turkey and had the added danger of a high-speed car chase that takes place next to the train."

Caterpillar® customised the Cat excavator in the new film, Skyfall.

See the excavator in action in this extended clip from the movie:

The customisation involved something unique - putting the cab on the opposite side of the 320D L as requested by EON Productions, the James Bond production company.

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