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In July 1992, the largest Australian Olympic team ever was headed  for Barcelona, where they would claim their best medal haul on  foreign soil. Here in Australia, performance was also top of mind.  Cat®  Dealers CavPower, Hastings Deering, WesTrac and William  Adams were in the process of amalgamating all Cat engine sales  into the one dedicated engine specific sales and rental Cat dealer,  namely Energy Power Systems Australia (EPSA).

From this point on, Cat engines would be exclusively sold by EPSA  throughout Australia, PNG and Solomon Islands, with servicing and  parts then provided by the local Cat dealers. for customers, the  result has been a seamless end-to-end offering, not unlike a relay  race, where the entire Caterpillar team comes together to deliver an  impressive end result.

These days, EPSA supplies new Cat engines, engineered custom  solutions, power generation, temperature control and compressed air  solutions, along with an extensive fleet of rental and used equipment.

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