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EPSA recently released the new Cat® (625 kVA/kW) Flywheel Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS 750) to the Australian market. Utilising reliable flywheel energy storage technology, this dynamic new electromechanical uninterruptible power supply boasts the highest power density in its class. It features up to 98 per cent electrical efficiency, simple cost-effective installation and an extremely low lifecycle cost.

Building on the reputation of previous Cat UPS systems, the UPS 750 provides a continuous and seamless power solution using a power-dense spinning flywheel.

This integrated UPS and flywheel stores and conditions power to allow critical loads to ride through power disturbances with an extremely fast recharge in the event of multiple or frequent disturbances. With ample ride-through time, it helps the backup generator set  to assume the load faster, providing the power required for the duration of the disturbance. When power returns to normal, the UPS provides a seamless transition from generator back to mains.

The Cat UPS 750 is ideal for mission-critical operations including data centres, manufacturing plants and hospitals.

It provides continuous power protection against surges, sags and other power interruptions that can disrupt critical operations and cause loss of valuable data or system capacity. The superior system design and use of robust components yield one of the most reliable and trouble-free UPS systems on the market.

The advantage of this environmentally friendly system is that it can be installed in a plant room or the factory floor without special air conditioning and it provides up to 625 kVA of continuous power from a single cabinet. Because there are no battery racks or cabinets taking up valuable space, the new UPS is extremely compact, with a footprint smaller than any similar sized UPS on the market today.

Cat designed this system to be compatible with diesel generators. It delivers seamless ride-through, harmonic cancellation and power factor correction that allows the generator set to operate at optimum performance. With factory-certified service via Caterpillar and the Cat Dealer Network, the Cat UPS 750 is available through EPSA.

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