New Cat®C32B Marine Engine

More Power, Less Noise and All the Performance Your Sport Fishing Boat Needs.

The Cat® C32 engine you know and love is now available in 2025 mhp. New from the block up, with all the reliability, support and peace of mind you expect from Caterpillar, the C32B gives you more power and more speed in a quieter package. It’s the perfect choice for sport fishing boats, motor yachts or any application that demands a high-performance engine. And this 2025 mhp model is just the beginning — stay tuned for more additions to the C32B lineup.

Built on the proven, reliable C32 platform and new from the block up, the Cat® C32B gives you more power, more speed, more time on the water and more peace of mind. All that comes in a quieter package with only a minimal increase in weight — making the C32B the perfect engine not just for new builds but for repowers too.

Take a look at this infographic for all the numbers behind our new 2025 mhp marine engine — and see why the “B” is the smart choice for sport fishing.