Hire Temporary Power


Higher than average cyclones are expected for Northern Australia right across the top end, and fire season is upon us. Don’t leave your business and your customers in the dark during the power outages. Lost time, lost revenue, lost opportunity is never regained. Let’s put a plan in place together – you can’t function without power.


Give us a call, we have decades of local experience.


We provide emergency power in times of crisis and recovery. We’re proud to work together as part of the planning and recovery effort.


EPSA responds immediately to your emergency, we’re available 24/7. Chiller hire, air compressor hire, and generator hire with one call. 1800 800 441.


Check out a emergency response case study here.


Hire reliable power generation for periods as short as a single day, or as long as you require. You’ll have your Cat® power generator rental, chiller rental, or air compressor rental up and running in no time. Download the brochure to view our range of rental products. 

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