COVID-19 Pandemic Response


Energy Power System Australia’s top priority is the safety and well-being of our customers and employees. In response to the global outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), EPSA has put in place a range of proactive measures to help reduce the spread of the virus and to provide business continuity to our customers.

EPSA’s Business Continuity Team, led by our Executive Leadership Team, is guiding our response to the latest advice from key health and government authorities.

The following is a summary of our actions. These are in addition to our Corporate Business Continuity Plan and Health Management Plan.


  • Employees are required to increase hand washing and refrain from touching their face.
  • Employees are required to increase general cleaning & hygiene practices:
    • When required, cough into their elbow and / or blow nose into tissues (and dispose of tissue immediately in an appropriate waste bin);
    • Regularly disinfect shared desks / workstations, telephones, computer equipment such as keyboards etc. – wash or sanitise hands afterwards;
    • Regularly disinfect shared communal items including tools and equipment controls.

Social Distancing:

Social Distancing is one of the primary control measures to limit the spread of COVID-19.

  • Employees must maintain basic social distancing measures such as avoiding handshakes and where practical, maintain a 5 metres distance from others.
  • Employees must also maintain 5 metres distance from each other during meetings and lunch breaks.
  • All meetings are done remotely via our lifesize or teams sites.

Employees who display cold or flu like symptoms:

  • Employees who are displaying cold or flu like symptoms are urged to remain away from the workplace to recover at home until all symptoms have ceased.
  • Employees who are displaying COVID-19 symptoms are to remain in self-quarantine and practice social distancing.
  • Any employee who is concerned they may have COVID-19 are encouraged to contact the coronavirus health information hotline on 1800 020 080.

Working from home strategy:

  • Those who can work from home are working from home, unless deemed an essential function for the business
  • Our IT systems are supporting this level of remote working so we can maintain this strategy until further notice.

Site attendance for deemed essential service support:

  • Anyone attending EPSA facilities is to complete a COVID-19 Pre-site Entry Declaration form and complete the acknowledgment on our electronic sign-in system, located in every branch.
  • Prior to attending a site, EPSA will issue or consult with our customers on any pre-site entry requirements, using the COVID-19 Customer Checklist.

Travel Across Borders When Deemed an Essential Service:

Any cross-border travel deemed essential service requires the following in order to support our customers:

  • General Manager approval using the Employee Cross Border Travel Authorisation Letter
  • Liaising with any customer requirements prior to approval and commencement of travel.

Supply Chain:

  • EPSA’s procurement team are constantly providing any potential delays within the supply chain and communicating this to our Business Continuity Team.

Positive COVID-19 notification action plan:

  • In the event of notification of a positive result for COVID-19, the COVID-19 Positive Result Notification Action Plan shall be implemented in the facility.

Provision of Information:

  • Additional posters advising of good hygiene practices, social distancing and general information about COVID-19 are displayed in all EPSA facilities.
  • A dedicated online repository of all the latest internal and external communications relevant to COVID-19 is available through our company intranet.
  • Business-critical information is emailed from our Managing Director, supported by the Business Continuity Team.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP):

All employees and extended family members can access our EAP through Converge International; available 24/7 via a dedicated website and toll-free number.