Continuous Power is Vital During COVID-19

Cat® Standby Generators are Essential.

We were warned of a decade of big challenges – and the catastrophic impact of the bushfires lit this up in full fury before the year started. Just a month later and COVID-19 is placing immense pressure on our energy sector with self-isolation and social distancing measures forcing more people online and using power 24/7.

Reliable back-up power for critical industries is vital in Australia, specially to combat our extremes in weather and the extra pressure on the grid. Now in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring a reliable back-up generator is in place is more urgent than ever for many businesses. In fact, failure of critical infrastructure is in the top 5 risks for doing business in Australia over the next decade according to World Economic Forum’s 2018 Global Risks of Highest Concern for Doing Business 2018.

When it comes to reliability and uninterrupted power supply, its vital to have a back-up genset from a partner renowned for quality and reliable products, service and support. Energy Power Systems Australia (EPSA) has installed Cat® back-up generators for essential services organisations across Australia who require mission-critical power, including aged care facilities, waste and water treatment plants, hospitals, data centres, telcos, defence and financial institutions.


EPSA is at the ready to support all businesses with reliable emergency power systems

Never more valuable was this type of preparedness than when a Melbourne-based aged care facility suffered a major mains outage. At the beginning of 2020, EPSA supplied the aged care facility with a Cat® DE220 and ATI 400 transfer panel but shortly after certification, the site experienced a major mains outage from an unrelated digging straight into one of their incoming phase mains supply cables whilst undertaking building works.

The pre-installed Cat® DE220 immediately came into service and restored power within seconds to the 110 residents all in isolation for Covid-19 protection. The emergency back-up power was in continuous operation for 43 hours with key personnel benefitting from first-hand operational training by EPSA.

EPSA have now provided over 270 essential backup power units in Victoria to the aged care sector and have the immediate capability to help all businesses with standby power to protect your people.


Supporting customers in any emergency 24/7.