Cat® C7.1 Industrial Unit powers compost machine for mushrooms

Cat’s Industrial Open Power Unit (IOPU) is a complete power package containing the engine and cooling package pre-assembled for straightforward installation into several OEM applications – one of which is used by Costa Group – Australia’s largest grower, packer and marketer of premium quality fresh fruit and vegetables including mushrooms.

“I was initially contacted by Costa Group’s Mushroom Exchange contract mechanic to help with an urgent replacement engine for their composting machine,” says EPSA Industrial Sales Representative, Steve Riley.

Nutrient-enriched compost is the essential food source for mushrooms and Costa ensure each of their farms around Australia has access to premium quality compost mix. They required an engine capable of producing around 150kW with the same interface drive (flywheel and housing) as their old engine.

“I determined that the Cat C7.1 168kW was a suitable replacement, complemented with a basic control panel. Our Western Australian workshop immediately built up and tested the package, which allows the customer to run their machine at its full capability with the extra power.”

Costa Group harvest in excess of 15.3 million fresh mushrooms per week and supply within 24 hours of harvest. They boast mushroom farms in Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia, employing over 700 people.