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The Client: MPI Mud Pumps

The Background

MPI Mud Pumps is a Queensland-based manufacturer of mobile, skid-mounted mud pumps and auxiliary drilling equipment designed for tough Australian conditions. As a rental company they supply mud pumps for the entire drilling industry. “Anywhere you fi nd a vertical or horizontal drill working you will find a mud pump of some configuration,” says MPI’s Managing Director, Peter Pullan. “The pump is a crucial part of the drilling equipment used in oil, gas, water well, horizontal and minerals exploration. Our triplex mud pumps are used to supply the drilling fluids to both horizontal and vertical drill rigs and to assist in the removal of cuttings from the well.”

The Requirement

“MPI’s mud pumps utilise components of the highest quality, are zone-compliant and are engineered to withstand harsh environments,” says Peter. “They feature hydraulically controlled outriggers that enable rapid deployment directly from a semi-trailer to the drilling pad so customers can effectively drive in, extend the outriggers, then drive out and they are ready to connect and drill.” “Using the best quality components ensures we maximise uptime, productivity and cost efficiencies because a mud pump is the heart of the drill rig and reliability of this item is of utmost importance.”

The Solution

Those best quality components include Cat® C15 475 hp engines, which MPI have fitted to their industry-leading pumps. Peter says the C15’s were chosen for their reliability. The C15 boast a gear train with increased capacity and decreasing noise volume; the option of laminated front housing, which significantly diminishes decibel output; oil pan isolation, which reduces volume; and a multi-layered steel hard gasket for improved durability. The C15 also features a steel spacer between two layers of spring steel to increase the gasket’s resilience, which in turn increases the life of the engine by decreasing leakage; and a highly efficient oil filter that reduces engine wear and enhances contamination control. These are attributes that contribute to the efficiency and reliability of MPI’s mud pump offering.

The Results

“Many of our customers find that the rental of a world-class product is the most economic and efficient solution, especially for contractors, so the performance of the Cat engines, combined with their reliability and EPSA’s extensive Cat dealer partner network, makes them the standout choice for our mud pumps,” says Peter. “Safety and a speedy set-up is of major importance to all our contractors and clients,” he adds. EPSA has been supplying Cat engines to MPI for almost three years and we have a great relationship.

MPI Mud Pumps

We see EPSA as a premium supplier.

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