PR Power - Western Australia and Queensland

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Established in 2008 and with facilities at Yatala, Queensland, and Lansdale, Western Australia, PR Power specialises in the supply of quality power generators, mobile lighting towers, water clarification and filtration equipment, as well as sludge and dust control equipment.

In three short years PR Power has carved out an enviable reputation in a diverse range of industries that include health care, data processing, construction and mining.

At the heart of PR Power’s success is a combination of an absolute commitment to customer service and the belief that quality products will win out over budget products every time.

This refreshing approach to their customers’ needs resulted in PR Power being awarded Olympian Generators Dealer of the Year for 2010 – which considering the company’s relatively short history was a major coup for the PR Power team.

Bob Baxter is PR Power’s Generator Manager, and according to Bob it was an unexpected honour to receive this award and the recognition, but one that reinforced that what PR Power set out to achieve in 2008 was being appreciated by their customers.

“When we started it was always our intention to run our own race and focus on delivering a level of service that was backed by products we knew wouldn’t let our customers down, no matter where they were located."

“So when it came to choosing a generator supply partner, after 30 odd years experience in the industry we couldn’t go past the Caterpillar® Olympian range of generators, as they have a tried and tested track record and reputation that is second to none.

“For a small company that is involved in projects throughout Australia, partnering with Olympian and the Cat® distributor, Energy Power Systems Australia (EPSA) meant that we would always have the important after sales and servicing needs covered through their tremendous national service network.

“And while Olympian gensets might be a little bit more expensive than inferior gensets, they fit our founding principles of only supplying quality products that won’t let our customers down – and when it comes to power generators that means Olympian.

“When talking to potential customers I often address the issue of price compared to budget gensets this way – if you were lying on a hospital operating table after a heart attack what sort of emergency power would you want, something that was cheap, or something that would perform every time it was needed?

“On this score, we recently quoted on a generator power solution to replace a dentist’s no name emergency power generator that failed to start on the first mains power-outage – even though it had only recently been installed. As a result the knock-on effects of closing the practice for a few days not only cost the dentist thousands of dollars, but more importantly those clients who were scheduled for procedures had to be re-scheduled several months later.

“So the perceived saving of buying a generator on price alone in the beginning quickly turned out to be a very expensive and inconvenient experience.

“The Olympian product range is ideal for the markets and customers we are dealing with as it offers a choice of seven singe phase generators from 7.5kVA to 50 kVA, or twenty five three phase generators from 9.5 kVA right the way through to 700 kVA.

“And the Cat name behind the Olympian brand adds a degree of comfort to our customers that other generator supply companies can’t match, a fact that is reinforced by the amount of work that comes to us from construction consultants.

“Word of mouth in our market segments is a powerful tool, and our investment in our own engineering capabilities means that we can offer our customers a one-stop-shop for reliable turn-key power generation solutions and then support them throughout the country through the EPSA service network.

“Being awarded Olympian Dealer of the Year for 2010, Olympian and EPSA have not only recognised our commitment to their product but also our commitment to exceeding our customers’ needs. “There are some operators out there who say a kW is a kW, which is true - especially if they are selling on price and price alone, but when it comes to guaranteeing an outcome, that comes back to choosing the right genset for the job and investing a little more in quality,” Bob said.

Commenting on being awarded Olympian Dealer of the year, Energy Power Systems Australia’s National Business Manager - Retail Energy Power Generation, Kim Howlett, commended the efforts of the entire PR Power team in making such a big impact in such a relatively short time.

“Passion is often one ingredient that sets one company above its competitors, and with PR Power their passion and strong belief in only representing quality brands has enabled them to grow rapidly while still maintaining a strong focus on their main asset – their customers.

“PR Power certainly raised the bar in 2010 and we look forward to their continuing success in 2011,” Kim said.