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Application: Mobile Emergency Generators


Following the 2007 bush fire season, where extensive power outages caused a national scramble for mobile power generation units, Energy Power Systems Australia (EPSA) Sales Engineer, Brian Williams, set about designing a mobile energy generator – or MEG, that would have appeal to a wide range of public and private sector operators. According to Brian, the primary objective was to achieve a mobile power generation solution that could be moved from location to location over a wide range of terrains that included rugged off-road terrain accessible only by four-wheel drive vehicles. In addition the units had to be reliable, be able to operate in extreme heat conditions, be easy to start, be easily to operate by a range of personnel, and be able to be run for long periods of time unattended.


“EPSA worked closely with a number of specialist suppliers, including a heavy duty trailer manufacturer, to take the MEG from concept to reality.

“We developed the framework for the MEG based around the need for mobility, as it would need to be moved from location to location, quickly.

“Once the scope of works was finalised EPSA set about solution engineering the ideal package based around a single phase Olympian GP14SP 14 kVA generator set, as apart from being highly reliable and ideally suited for trailer mounting they are backed by the national Caterpillar dealer network - so service support would be guaranteed throughout Australia.

“From there we built a list of unique project requirements that included a 24 hour, double walled, base fuel tank to meet the EPA’s guidelines covering fuel contamination, a 12 volt pump to manually top up the fuel tank from a jerry can if required, dual standby batteries, outlet plugs and leads with earth leakage protection, a static battery charger, a 240 volt engine heater kit so the MEG can be plugged into mains power to keep the batteries charged and the engine warm for short notice starting.

“In addition, a heavy duty service kit was fitted to the gen-sets to enable transportation off-road – which included beefing up the engine mounts, while the provision for removable work lights was also incorporated into the trailer’s design,” Brian said.


Commenting on the MEG project, Olympian’s National Business Manager, Kim Howlett, said that the MEG had exceeded all expectations.

“The MEG is a well built and well balanced unit and has delivered on every one of Brian’s objectives. As far as the Olympian Gen-sets are concerned, their rugged design, field-proven reliability and fuel efficient operation will ensure that end users have up to 14 kVA of mobile power for use wherever it’s needed,” Kim said.