Hastings Police Station

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With a new Olympian GEP 200 generator installed at the Hastings Police Station, William Adams is about to start its "preventative" maintenance program.

The Hastings Police Station services Victoria's Mornington Peninsula, an area that covers 12 postcodes. As an essential service that must operate around the clock, it was vital that this police station's mains power had the support of an emergency back-up generator.

Energy Power Systems Australia (EPSA) received the order for the Olympian GEP 200 generator from Victoria Police, with the project overseen by consultant Coffey Environment. But given that the station backed onto a residential area, it was mandatory that noise control was factored into the design of the enclosure.

"The noise level has to be very low," explained EPSA's Dave Cronin. "No more than 46 decibels at 15 metres."
This was achieved by housing the generator in a double skin accoustic enclosure.

Having twice the usual sound proofing has been very effective. In fact, as Dave said: "Whenever this emergency generator kicks in, even those standing nearby cannot hear it operating". That is how quiet it is.

Now that the generator is up and running, Williams Adams will commence carrying out regular checks as part of a maintenance agreement. Every quarter in September, December, January and March, this Cat dealer will visit the site for the scheduled service. This includes checking the generator, attending to any parts that need replacing, as well as topping up the oil and coolant. William Adams will also do scheduled oil sampling at these times.

From design to start up, this has been a straight forward installation with no hold ups whatsoever. Now with William Adams maintaining this generator in peak condition, the station can expect continued trouble-free operation. 




Innovation place

Beneath this sound-proofed outer lies another noise attenuating enclosure to ensure the Olympian generator does not disturb the peace.


Hastings Police Station, Victoria


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