Cat Hybrid Power for Telecommunications

Sustainable solutions to your power needs

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Caterpillar is now expanding its offering to include hybrid power solutions for telecommunications applications, launching a wide range of hybrid telecom systems that provide power solutions incorporating renewable resources. 

These include: 


  • Solar Photovoltaics (PV)
  • Wind Turbines
  • Robust Long-Life Batteries
  • Diesel or Gas Generator Sets 
  • Highly Efficient Power Electronics
  • Caterpillar is helping drive positive and sustainable change on every continent by designing, installing and servicing power systems that reduce operating costs and significantly decrease fuel consumption.
  • Available through Energy Power Systems Australia (EPSA); we will work closely with you to customise your system to your exact specifications.


Hybrids can offer several benefits to telecommunications operators: 


  • Decreased fuel consumption by 30–100% 
  • Extended maintenance and replacement intervals 
  • Payback periods of 3 years or less in many instances


Cat hybrid systems offer the following features and benefits: 


  • Factory-built and factory-tested system for high reliability and site uptime 
  • Remote monitoring, control, and alarms 
  • Multiple, small components operating in parallel to enhance reliability (PV charge controllers, rectifiers, solar panels) 
  • Removal and replacement of major components without power interruption (Hot Swap) 
  • Vandal-resistant enclosures
  • AC Convenience outlet for powering technician laptop computer 
  • Auxiliary power outputs for utilization of excess electricity produced by solar and wind

Dramatically reduce operating costs

Hybrids are particularly well-suited for applications in remote areas